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Blueberry Pancakes


Pancakes are, in my opinion, the quintessential weekend breakfast! I love making a large batch of pancakes when I have extra time, so I can save them in the fridge for a quick and easy weekday breakfast - with a weekend vibe! I always say, "make once, eat a bunch!" and this pancake recipe certainly is great for #mealprep! These pancakes are so simple to make and the recipe yields about 18 pancakes - so you can definitely enjoy some leftovers over the next few days! Plus, I included a couple of very simple swaps to make these pancakes suitable for #glutenfree and #lowfodmap diets, for those who need it. I hope you and your family love these pancakes as much as we do!

Ingredients (yields 6 servings or about 18 pancakes):

1 3/4 C all purpose flour* (see note below to make these gluten free and/or low FODMAP, if needed)

2 Tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

2 large eggs, raw

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 C milk* (I used 2%, although any milk will work)

3 Tbsp butter, melted, plus additional ~1 Tbsp for cooking (add more to the pan as needed)

1/2 C plain, Greek or Skyr style yogurt*

1/2 C blueberries (I used frozen)

*To make these pancakes suitable a for a low FODMAP diet:

Use a suitable gluten free flour blend (I like King Arthur GF Flour or Bob's Red Mill GF 1:1 Baking Flour), lactose-free milk and lactose-free Greek/Skyr style plain yogurt. The amount of blueberries used in this recipe is low FODMAP per each pancake serving, but you can also use another low FODMAP fruit of choice, such as strawberries!

*To make these pancakes suitable for a gluten free diet:

Use a suitable GF flour blend. I also recommend using certified GF products if all potential sources of cross contact need to be minimized, such as in the case of celiac disease.


  1. Add flour, sugar, salt and baking soda to a medium mixing bowl. Mix together with a spoon and set aside.

  2. In a separate, medium mixing bowl, crack the two eggs and whisk together.

  3. Melt 3 Tbsp butter. The butter should be just melted and not hot. I put mine in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds and gave it a quick stir with a spoon.

  4. Add melted butter, vanilla, milk and yogurt to the eggs. Whisk all wet ingredients together.

  5. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix together with a spoon until just combined. Add blueberries and give the ingredients another quick stir to distribute blueberries. Allow batter to sit for about 10 minutes.

  6. Warm remaining butter in skillet. I used my ceramic large skillet and was able to fit about 4 pancakes in the skillet at one time. Give the batter a quick stir and add the batter to the pan, using about 1/4 C batter for 1 pancake. There should be enough room in the pan for the batter to spread out a bit when it hits the pan, so do not overcrowd the pan. If needed, you may want to use 2 pans at one time, so you can cook the pancakes in less time and fewer batches.

  7. Cook each pancake for about 5-6 minutes per side, until bubbles begin to form in the batter and the outside edges appear to be more solid. Use a spatula to gently slide beneath each pancake and flip the pancake over. Each pancake should be golden brown on the side that was touching the pan. Cook for another ~5 minutes, until the pancake is cooked through and both sides are golden brown. When each pancake is finished cooking, I like to add them to a stack on one plate and store the plate in a closed microwave to keep them warm.

  8. Serve with butter, pure maple syrup, powdered sugar, cinnamon or any other toppings you prefer! Store any leftover pancakes in an airtight container or bag in the fridge and use within 2-3 days. I recommend warming the leftover pancakes in a microwave for about 45 seconds - 1 minute, until heated throughout, for an easy, quick breakfast option!

Nutritional Analysis Per Serving (1 serving = 3 pancakes, recipe yields 18 pancakes or 6 servings)

Calories 284 calories, Total Fat 11 g, Saturated Fat 6 g, Carbohydrates 37 g, Fiber 1 g, Protein 9 g, Sodium 289 mg, Calcium 85 mg

*Nutrient analysis uses 2% milk, 2% plain Greek yogurt. Analysis will vary with different brands and varieties.


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