"I cannot recommend Alyssa enough. First of all, she is a fun, energetic person to be around, so I did not mind waking up early for our meetings. Alyssa pushed me to work harder and made me worksheets to use in between our sessions. Thank you for the motivation, Alyssa!" - Betty S., client

"Alyssa helped me to see food in a completely different light. In the past I tried diet after diet, only with short-term results that didn’t last or no results at all. After working with Alyssa, eating became less stressful and I’ve managed to lose weight without feeling restricted. Her knowledge, attitude and energy has been the support system I needed." - Sue C., client

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Alyssa and highly recommended her to all of my patients in need of nutrition counseling. Her friendly disposition, extensive knowledge of nutrition and genuine care for her patients made her indispensable. Whether you are looking to lose weight, reduce abdominal bloat and pain, have celiac, GERD, or are in need of any other specific medical diets, or just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, Alyssa can help you and will tailor her recommendations to your needs. I have confidence in her science based nutrition advice and always knew my patients were in good hands!" - Carolina R., PA, gastroenterology practice

"Alyssa is personable and a pleasure to work with. She helped me develop short term and long term goals to achieve and maintain my ideal weight. Alyssa created a suggested meal plan and gave me additional ideas and recipes that were very helpful in making the right choices. After each session, Alyssa sent me after visit summaries that I constantly refer back to. I highly recommend seeing Alyssa if you want to look and feel your best." - Sydney T., client

"I worked with Alyssa for about a year and could not have been happier with the quality of our sessions. She is an awesome trainer and continuously pushed me to do new things. Our workouts were never boring and she consistently introduced me to new exercises that I had never done before. I became stronger and more physically fit. She made sure to record everything that we did together so that I could work out on my own and continue to progress in between our sessions. Alyssa has an easygoing and fun personality, and is also extremely competent and good at what she does. She made our sessions fun and I always looked forward to working with her! I would recommend working with Alyssa to any person who is looking to increase their level of physical fitness." - Lizzie R., personal training client

"I had the pleasure of working with Alyssa in a busy Gastroenterology practice. She was instrumental with nutritional counseling in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, IBS, those that required weight loss and many other GI conditions. Her guidance contributed to their long term success." - Adriana A., ARNP, gastroenterology practice

"I came to Alyssa following an intensive but successful colon surgery. Alyssa was highly knowlegable, compassionate, and extremely helpful in her effective approach to helping me through my initial dietary needs as well as development and sustainment of a meal plan that worked with my food preferences, tolerances, and requirements.  Alyssa meticulously, gently, and kindly guided me though meal planning, providing me with the tools to bolster myself in my journey to better health. She was quick and highly responsive to my email inquiries between sessions, and I am eternally grateful to Alyssa for the caring touch that she put into our work together. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking nurtured nutrition!" - Kiki A., client

"I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease this year and I had to go through a huge lifestyle change in order to maintain a gluten free diet. I am so thankful for Alyssa and her support. She was knowledgeable, personable and helpful. She went above and beyond by not only providing me with all of the necessary information during my sessions, but she was also open and willing to answer my questions between sessions, at any time. I would highly recommend Alyssa to anyone who is looking for detailed guidance" - Stacey S., client

"When I first reached out to Alyssa, I had just been diagnosed with IBS-C. I was bloated and constipated all the time, and was afraid to eat anything for fear that it would only make it worse. Unlike many others, she made professional suggestions based on what she saw as best for ME and not just for her own profit. She empowered me to become the expert on what I could and couldn’t tolerate, rather than keeping me dependent on her services to achieve wellness. I can happily say that after working with her for 5 months, I have bowel regularity for the first time in years, and I rarely have bloating anymore unless I consume something I know I shouldn’t. I’m not afraid to eat anymore, and I can now make food choices with confidence. She was my ally in the process! I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who’s overwhelmed by the cacophony of health/nutrition advice...she’s on your side!" - Melissa H., client

"I can't recommend Alyssa enough. She is so knowledgeable and such a pleasure to work with. After struggling with IBS for years, Alyssa gave me the tools to manage my symptoms which has greatly improved my quality of life. I can move forward and enjoy eating again because I understand which foods are safe and which foods to moderate or avoid. Her enthusiasm and warmth made it fun to work with her.  She really cares about her clients. She's always available when advice is needed and is cheerful and positive in her responses. It's clear that Alyssa is very passionate about nutrition and health." - MaryEllen H., client

"After working with Alyssa for about 8 months I feel much better overall, physically and mentally. She has helped me understand what foods I can tolerate well and how to avoid stomach issues by determining the portion sizes of foods I’m sensitive to that I can still tolerate. The low FODMAP diet may feel restrictive at first but now that I have completed all the phases I feel much more confident in planning and choosing meals that are best for my body. I also feel comfortable knowing I can have foods I may not tolerate as well occasionally because I have the tools to deal with my symptoms as well. Alyssa also helped me better manage my stress which can be a major trigger of my stomach issues. Overall I would definitely recommend Alyssa to anyone experiencing gastrointestinal issues or just looking to better manage their diet/lifestyle. She’s a pleasure to work with, extremely professional and knowledgeable, and very easy to talk. Thank you for giving me the freedom to live without fear of my stomach problems!" - Samantha P., client

"I worked with Alyssa for nine sessions. Her thoughtful analysis and systematic plan for identifying the food triggers that were causing me great GI distress were extraordinarily helpful. Alyssa’s a superb listening ability and wealth of knowledge were led to success in getting me back on track." - Joanne R., client

"Alyssa Lavy is an exceptionally talented professional with whom I had the pleasure of working. I am so grateful that my gastroenterologist referred me to her!  Alyssa helped me learn about nutrition and appreciate that small changes to my diet would have a significant and beneficial impact on my overall health and wellbeing.  Her credentials and experience are excellent.  Alyssa also possesses an exceptionally gracious and kind manner and exudes confidence in and support of her clients.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to Alyssa. You’ll be glad you did!" - Janet H., client

"Since my adolescence I've struggled with IBS and my condition has only worsened with time.  I thought I knew what foods to avoid but was often surprised with the results.  A few months ago I'd had enough and decided to do something about it and now my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.  It's not an easy or quick process but Alyssa was very understanding and provided lots of helpful suggestions and encouragement.  I now KNOW what to avoid or limit and have added back some healthy foods that I didn't think I could tolerate.  I'm feeling great and feel more confident in the healthfulness of my diet.  Most importantly, Alyssa provided the tools to manage my problem going forward.  This was one of the best things that I've done for my long term health!  ." - Donald V., client