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Alyssa Lavy, MS, RD, CDN

Alyssa first noticed her interest in the fields of nutrition and exercise when she was very young. What started as a hobby turned into a passion and she was constantly trying to understand the science behind food and movement. She entered college with a plan to major in English, however after taking a required Biology of Human Nutrition class, she felt that she found her path and switched her major with a plan to become a registered dietitian. Alyssa graduated The George Washington University with her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and a minor in psychology. At this time, she also became certified as a personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). She then moved to New York, where she earned her Master of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, completed her Dietetic Internship at Teachers College Columbia University and worked as a personal trainer, training clients between classes and trips to the library. She also started to share her recipes, passion, and understanding of nutrition science on her blog. Among practice within various clinical, community and food service settings, Alyssa elected to deepen her understanding of sports nutrition, private practice and GI dietetics during her training.

Alyssa began her nutrition career working in a subacute and long term care facility in New Jersey, where she completed nutrition assessments for all admitted patients and residents and was a part of the multi-disciplinary team. Alyssa then decided to broaden her reach to more individuals and took an opportunity as a corporate dietitian, where she implemented corporate wellness strategies among employees and customers while working for a large food retailer. When her husband's career took them to Florida, Alyssa worked within a large gastroenterology practice to provide outpatient nutrition counseling to patients, with a focus on the management of digestive conditions. Since then, Alyssa and her husband have relocated back to Connecticut, where they both grew up, and she opened her own practice in order to provide nutrition counseling and consulting, with a focus on digestive health and sports nutrition. Alyssa has combined her love of connecting with people, food, exercise and writing in order to construct a practice that is close to her heart and offers practical solutions for busy individuals, groups and corporate entities alike. Alyssa offers virtual and in-person nutrition counseling, personal training, consulting for businesses, wellness talks and seminars and reaches a larger audience through her writing, both on her blog and through her contributions to national media outlets. Alyssa believes nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all approach and instead works with each individual to recognize barriers, develop personalized strategies for adopting healthful behaviors and offer resources, strength and support. Let Alyssa help you to rediscover the joy and pleasure of food while attaining your personal health goals! 

Amy Schwarz, MS, RD, CDN

Amy has always loved to eat food, and as a child, she enjoyed cooking and baking with her family. At Wellesley College, Amy became passionate about art history and decided to major in this field. When she graduated, she began working in fundraising at the Whitney Museum in New York, which she enjoyed, as it allowed her to form deep relationships with individuals. However, as Amy’s fundraising career progressed, her passion for food and nutrition remained. She wanted a career that could marry her passion for connecting with people and her love for food and nutrition, which led her to pursue a new career as a dietitian. Amy earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition at New York University and then completed the New York University dietetic internship program. Throughout her training, Amy became passionate about eating disorders, as well as how food relationships impact digestive health and women’s health. After earning her RD credential, Amy worked as an inpatient dietitian at an eating disorder treatment center and served as an integral part of the patient management team. She brings this experience, along with her passion for food and motivational interviewing skills, to Alyssa Lavy Nutrition & Wellness.  In addition to undergoing specialty training in digestive health with Alyssa, Amy is trained on the use of a low FODMAP diet for IBS by Monash University.


In her free time, Amy loves to bake and cook with her two young children, Nate and Ava, and her husband, Matt. She also loves to run and do yoga. Amy loves food, and wants to help her clients to enjoy what they eat and choose foods that make them feel good. Like Alyssa, Amy knows that each person has unique needs and that there is not one single diet or approach to eating that will work for everyone. Let Amy help you to on your nutrition journey!



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