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Seasonal Low FODMAP Swaps: Summer Edition

Updated: May 26, 2022


Missing some of your favorite summer foods while following the low FODMAP diet? Read on to learn about similar swaps that will make you (and your gut) smile!

With summer finally in the air (is it just us or doesn’t this year’s winter feel like it dragged on longer than usual?) the shining sun and warm temperatures bring sweet, juicy, and delicious fruits that we have waited all year to be back in season. A big, juicy slice of watermelon on a hot day may seem like the picture-perfect image of summer. However, if you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you may find that that, as you zoom into this image, it isn't as perfect as it seems! If you are struggling with IBS and eliminating high FODMAP foods at this time, you may not be able to enjoy some of the season's most familiar fruits and veggies that are higher in FODMAPs. But don’t fret, there are many tasty low FODMAP swaps that you can still enjoy this summer! As a bonus, this experience may help you to step out of your comfort zone and try to incorporate some less familiar foods into your diet!

If you love watermelon….

2 medium ripe guavas are suitable for the low FODMAP diet. This fruit is light, sweet, and refreshing - and has such a unique flavor! They even look like watermelon—they are pink on the inside and green on the outside! Although they can be found year-round in many grocery stores, peak season starts in August.

If you love pears….

Try carambola (aka starfruit)! This often overlooked fruit has a tangy, sweet-and-sour taste and is such a fun shape!

If you love mango…

Papaya is a low FODMAP fruit that even closely resembles mango with its green skin and yellow-ish flesh. Plus, it offers bowel regulating soluble fiber and is loaded with vitamin C and potassium!

If you love blueberries, raspberries and strawberries….

You can keep eating them! Just be mindful of portion size. ¼ C of blueberries, 1/3 C of raspberries and 5 medium strawberries, are each suitable portions when following the low FODMAP elimination phase.

If you love asparagus...

Try a different seasonal veggie, like zucchini! It's equally delicious when grilled, roasted or sauteed and its prime season is June through August! Zucchini is low FODMAP in a 1/3 cup serving, so its great to mix and match with other foods for a versatile meal.

If you love artichokes...

Try radish! This versatile veggie has a slightly pepper-y and crisp taste and can be used to scoop up your favorite dip (raw or roasted as a chip!), add a tangy crunch to tuna salad or enjoy plain!

If you love sugar snap peas...

Try okra - its prime season is summertime (June - July)! While okra truly has a unique taste, its slightly earthy yet sweet flavor can be comparable to that of sugar snap peas and will have you wondering why you don't cook with this veggie more often!

If you love greens but you're sick of spinach...

Mix it up! There are so many yummy leafy greens included in the low FODMAP elimination phase - including arugula, kale, chard and collard greens! Try a sauteed green as base for a warm (and unique) salad, or use arugula or kale as a salad base for a refreshing twist!

Also, remember these two key points:

  1. The low FODMAP diet is a temporary elimination diet and the goal is to challenge each FODMAP so you can reincorporate many foods back into your diet in a way that feels good for you!

  2. There are many "high FODMAP" foods with smaller, low FODMAP portions. This means that you may be able to include some of your favorite foods in some way - so perhaps you don't eat a full mango, but you enjoy a few pieces in a low FODMAP portion as part of a smoothie, a fruit salad or added to some lactose-free yogurt or cottage cheese!

At Alyssa Lavy Nutrition & Wellness, we use our foodie-first approach to help you to feel your best while aiming to keep your diet as liberalized and diversified (and tasty!) as possible! Tell us below which summer produce option you will be enjoying next!

This post was written by Amy Schwarz and Alyssa Lavy as a collaboration.


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