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Simple Summer Pasta Salad


To me, there is nothing quite like a chilled pasta salad on a hot summer day. I've made many different pasta salad variations in the past, but I wanted to come up with a versatile recipe that could allow for some simple swaps for many of my clients who may have medically necessary dietary restrictions. So, that's how this Simple Summer Pasta Salad was created! It's made with only a few, simple ingredients and is a great meal prep or potluck option!

Ingredients (serves 6):

12 oz pasta, dry (I used tricolor vegetable pasta from Trader Joe's here, but you can make this with white or whole wheat pasta. Choose a gluten free pasta if you need to avoid gluten. If following a low FODMAP diet, I recommend using a gluten free pasta, such as brown rice pasta or quinoa pasta)

1 medium zucchini

1 1/2 C cherry tomatoes

1/3 C olive oil

3 Tbsp red wine vinegar

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp ground black pepper


  1. Bring large pot of water to a boil. Once boiling, cook pasta according to directions on package.

  2. Once pasta is cooked, pour pasta into colander, run cold water over pasta and shake to remove excess water. Set aside.

  3. Chop zucchini and cut tomatoes in quarters. Place chopped veggies in large mixing bowl.

  4. Add pasta to bowl. Next add the olive oil, vinegar and salt/pepper. Mix with a spoon, cover (or place in airtight container) and allow pasta salad to chill in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours before serving. Add optional cheese once chilled, if desired.

*This should stay for about 3 days if kept covered in an airtight container in the fridge.

Nutritional Analysis Per Serving:

Calories 330 calories, Total Fat 14 g, Saturated Fat 2 g, Cholesterol 0 mg, Carbohydrates 45 g, Fiber 2 g, Protein 8 g, Sodium 219 mg, Calcium 30 mg

*Opting for whole wheat, legume-based or other pasta varieties and adding cheese will change nutritional analysis. Analysis made using tricolor pasta and does not include cheese.

*Note: I recommend choosing certified gluten free (GF) products for all ingredients if you need to minimize the risk of cross contact with gluten, such as in the case of celiac. GF pasta must be used in order to make this recipe gluten free.



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