Pumpkin Maple Muffins

Pumpkin Maple Muffins that are Gluten Free, Low FODMAP and Delicious!

I will confidently say that this recipe is my favorite recipe that I have ever developed and this is probably the best pumpkin muffin I have ever eaten. Maybe that is hyping things up too much and I should set the bar lower, but honestly, these are that good! And the best part? They're made with homemade oat flour (read: rolled oats ground up using a mini food processor), so they are naturally gluten free for those who need it. I've also included a couple of simple swaps to make these suitable for a low FODMAP diet, so many more people can enjoy these delicious fall-flavored muffins (because honestly, no one should miss out!)

low-fodmap, gluten-free pumpkin muffins smell like fall
The muffins smell (and tast