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Low FODMAP Kitchen Staples


Because when you're self-quarantined, the last thing you need is GI upset!

I received a lot of requests to share staples to keep at home in light of recent COVID-19 self-quarantine practices. I realize that this time is scary and difficult for everyone - and it can be especially difficult for those trying to follow a symptom management protocol, such as the low FODMAP diet. So, below is a list of Low FODMAP staples that I recommend keeping at home so you can practice social distancing, enjoy yummy food and continue to manage your IBS symptoms!

I recommend Fody Foods often in the post below. My affiliate link for Fody Foods is listed here, for ease of reference! *Please see note regarding affiliate links, below, at the bottom of this post

Pantry Items:

I recommend keeping a stocked pantry at any time, because these foods often last for awhile. However, it is especially important to have some extra food on hand at this time, so we can limit trips out to the store. Please note - this does not mean that we need to hoard food. It is so important that we buy only what we need plus a *little* extra and that we "buy smart" - this way there are enough resources for EVERYONE! Not to mention, buying a lot at once leads to large bills and potential food waste. Below are some of my favorite low FODMAP staples to keep in your pantry:

  • Nuts (no cashews or pistachios :) - but many other options, such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds and pecans are suitable!)

  • Seeds (including pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, ground flax seeds)

  • Nut/seed butter (from suitable sources, of course!)

  • Bars (Fody Foods offers low FODMAP bars and there are many suitable options from other amazing companies, such as 88 Acres and GoMacro)

  • Oats ( I always keep extra oats around because oatmeal is so easy and they will last for a long time!)

  • Canned fish (such as canned tuna and canned salmon)

  • Canned chickpeas and canned lentils (remember to keep portions low FODMAP - this means 1/4 C canned chickpeas and 1/2 C canned lentils)

  • Popcorn (if you tolerate this well - it is low FODMAP but I find that popcorn is sometimes bothersome for my IBS clients)

  • Corn tortilla chips

  • Low FODMAP pasta sauce ( Fody Foods, Prego Sensitive and Rao's Sensitive Sauce should all be suitable)

  • Low FODMAP marinades and dressings (so many wonderful options on Fody Foods)

  • Low FODMAP salsa (Fody Foods has a great option)

  • Cereal (plain Cheerios, Environkids Panda Puffs and Rice Krispies are some of my favorites!)

  • GF pasta (I love Jovial brown rice pasta!)

  • Grits or polenta

  • Quinoa

  • Low FODMAP granola

  • Low FODMAP broth and soup (many onion/garlic-free options available at Fody Foods, Rachel Pauls Food and Fodmapped For You)

  • GF unflavored breadcrumbs(I like Aleia's brand)

  • GF bread (Schar has many options for bread, rolls, crackers and other items and they are sold in packages that do not expire for a bit! Note, you may also find many GF bread - and other items - in the freezer section of your store)

  • Owyn protein drinks (I store these in my pantry and load a few into the fridge to have some cold at all times)

  • Dark chocolate (obviously!)

  • Low FODMAP baking items (such as suitable GF flour, sugar, etc. to make cookies or other baked goods)

  • Slow-leavened wheat sourdough bread (I recommend storing this in the freezer after 1-2 days to keep it fresh!)

  • Spaghetti squash (I actually keep this out on my counter)

  • Low FODMAP spices (Fody Foods has amazing spice blends without onion/garlic, or you can use many of your own seasonings such as rosemary, cumin, paprika, thyme, oregano, asafoetida powder, etc.)

  • Oil (I highly recommend garlic infused oil for those following a low FODMAP diet, because it adds amazing flavor without the FODMAPs!)

  • Lemon ginger tea or peppermint tea (both can be helpful if you are experiencing symptoms)

  • Pure maple syrup (a low FODMAP staple for many delicious recipes, plus it can be used in place of honey or agave in tea and coffee)

Freezer Items:

  • Frozen low FODMAP fruit (you can either buy frozen packages or you can freeze your fresh fruit) *Examples include: strawberries, papaya, dragonfruit, acai pouches, grapes, kiwi, freezing your own unripe bananas, etc.)

  • Frozen low FODMAP veggies (such as spinach, carrots, broccoli florets, etc.)

  • Frozen GF pizza crust (I like Ugly's brand if you live an area that they deliver to!)

  • Frozen fish (such as frozen shrimp, salmon, etc.)

  • Frozen meat (such as chicken, beef, etc,) *you can also purchase fresh, raw meat and freeze it for later use

  • GF suitable tortillas (you may find some in the freezer section of the store and some in the grocery section, but you can freeze them for future use)

  • Lactose-free ice cream (I love Beckon and Lactaid brand - just make sure to get suitable options depending on your stage of the low FODMAP diet)

  • Homemade frozen leftovers (I highly recommend doing some meal prepping to reduce food waste with fresh food and have convenient options available in the near future!)

Fresh Foods:

  • Eggs

  • Low FODMAP condiments (such as mayo, mustard, and low FODMAP ketchup available on Fody Foods)

  • Low lactose/lactose free cheese (including lactose-free cream cheese, lactose-free cottage cheese, as well as low lactose cheeses such as cheddar, pecorino, swiss and mozzarella)

  • Lactose-free milk

  • Lactose-free yogurt (I love Green Valley Creamery brand for traditional and Greek options, and Siggi's offers a new lactose-free plain Skyr yogurt!)

  • Low FODMAP fruit (especially items like oranges and kiwis, which will typically stay for awhile) *I also recommend getting whole fruit (not pre-cut) options for papaya and pineapple, storing these in the fridge and waiting to cut them until you run out of your other fresh options to increase shelf-life!

  • Low FODMAP veggies (remember that you can freeze these items if it seems like you won't use them up in time - but if you're going to the store, I recommend getting some fresh options while you're out and saving the frozen/pantry items for when you may need them most!)

  • Fish/poultry/meat (including ground options if you'd like!) *I recommend making meatballs or meat patties and freezing these so you free up fridge space and extend the shelf life of these items - check out my Baked Spinach and Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs for some low FODMAP inspo!)

  • Firm/extra firm tofu or tempeh

  • Tahini (1 Tbsp serving is low FODMAP and it adds a wonderful addition to grain bowls, salad dressings and roasted veggies)

If you want some delicious, prepared meals delivered to your home, I highly recommend trying Epicured! You can enter my code ALYSSALAVYRD to get $20 off your first order of $50 or more! Epicured ships nationally and offers low FODMAP meals (and snacks and smoothies) developed by a Michelin chef. I love their products and so do many of my clients!

Remember Self Care!

During this time of uncertainty stress may be through the (quarantined) roof! Remember to practice self care for your physical AND mental health! Self care means taking preventative measures (such as self-quarantine/social distancing, proper hand washing, using alcohol-based sanitizer and sanitizing wipes when needed) and taking some moments to practice gratitude and stress management. Some of my favorite tips for practicing gratitude and stress management are below:

  • Keep a gratitude journal

  • Practice expressive writing using a journal

  • Practice deep breathing exercises

  • Practice meditation (or guided meditation - I love the Headspace app!)

  • Practice mindful movement (including at-home exercises, going on walks/runs, practicing yoga at home, etc.)

  • Read a book

  • Take a bath

  • Try cooking a new recipe

  • Organize a room in the house

  • Call/FaceTime with a friend or family member (to connect while practicing social distancing)

I hope this guide is helpful! If you have any questions or additional tips/recommendations, please feel free to share below!

*Note: The above blog contains affiliate links, meaning I will make a commission if a purchase is made using that link at no additional cost to you. I never promote a product that I do not truly love on my website and all opinions are my own.



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